Pollution Prevention

In the past, water pollution was caused by industry, such as with the introduction of now-banned PCBs into our waterways. But today, the #1 threat to rivers and ponds is from untreated storm water runoff which reaches the water through storm drains on streets along the curb and eventually drains into the Housatonic River.

You can help keep our waterways clean by attaching HVA's decals on storm drains in your neighborhood. This message will help remind people that only water should enter storm drains. By spreading the word that storm drains are not trash cans, you can keep the river clean.

Help HVA continue this work. Join the Storm Drain project, a volunteer Stream Team or Water Quality Monitoring Team. Contact us or call us at 1 (860) 672-6678.

Rain Gardens are a depressed area that captures stormwater runoff from impervious areas such as roofs and driveways and allow it to seep slowly into the ground. This reduces the amount of stormwater flowing over the surface of the ground which often causes flooding, erosion and water pollution in streams.

HVA is teaching people easy ways to stop storm drain pollution where it starts - in our own neighborhoods and backyards. Our in-school "Down the Storm Drain" program explains problems caused by dumping into storm drains. Students then apply decals on drains in their neighborhood that remind everyone not to dump into or near these drains




The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
is notifying towns that are required to develop a stormwater educational and outreach program
under the Clean Water Act Phase II
"Stormwater Regulations."
HVA’s Storm Drain Awareness program
fulfills those requirements.