Health Index Map

Health Index of the Housatonic River



The map above provides an overview of the various water quality data collection efforts for the Housatonic River watershed and their use for assessing the present health of the river and tributaries.

The map has been divided into nine sections. Clicking on the area names below will access those sections in a larger format.

East BranchWest Branch / Lenox to the Connecticut border / Connecticut border south to Kent, east to Cornwall / Connecticut border east of Cornwall, south to Bethlehem / New York's Tenmile Watershed / Kent, south to Danbury and east to Southbury / Southbury to Seymour / Seymour to Stratford

To access larger sections of the boxed info, charts, etc., click on the following:
Legend / Water Quality Monitoring (Bacteria, Nitrate, Peck's Brook) /PCB Levels in the Upper Housatonic from Pittsfield to Lenox / Impaired Rivers in the Housatonic River Watershed / Data Sources

This map was sponsored in part by the Central Berkshire Fund
of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.