Down the Storm Drain

Keeping Pollution from Entering Our Rivers and Streams


HVA's in-school "Down the Storm Drain" program explains problems caused by dumping into storm drains. Students then apply decals on drains in their neighborhood that remind everyone not to dump into or near these drains.Storm Drains


To read or download our informative "Down the Storm Drain" brochure, click the image of the brouchure here to the right...  


To find out about a "Drain the Storm Drain" program for your school or youth group, please call us at (860) 672-6678.



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

is notifying towns that are required to

develop a stormwater educational and

outreach program under the Clean Water

Act Phase II Stormwater Regulations. HVA’s

Storm Drain Awareness program fulfills

those requirements.