Night Herons

Celebrating our Night Heron donors! Your annual gifts of $1,000 to $ 2,499 restore rivers and streams, measure water quality, underwrite children’s outdoor learning and fun, conserve land – and inspire others to join you in leading the way. Thank you!

William T. Baker and Bayard Gordon
Anne H. Bass
Richard Berry and Lucy Commoner
Ralph and Elizabeth Brown
Arthur and Linda Carter
Graydon and Anna Carter
Dr. Mitchell Charap and Dr. Karen Gilmore
Charles I. and Ellen F. Cogut
Thomas P. Dore and Maureen Kirby
John and Eileen Field
Michael and Sally Gordon
Michael D. Griffin and Molly B. Hart
Donald and Meryl Gummer
Susan and Murray Haber
Dena and Felda Hardymon
Ronald and Hildegard Jones

Henry and Nancy Kissinger
Rob Kuhbach and Sherrill Andrews
Ron and Carol Kurtz
John F. Lyons and Susannah Gray
Robert C. Marshall
Peter and Leni May
Benjamin Nickoll and Christine Armstrong
Lawrence Noe and Leslie Singer
Philla C. Osborne
Diana Hitt Potter
David C. Robinson and
Margaret Field
Warren Rubin and Bernice Wollman
William Schrenck
Bruce and Kathryn Wandelmaier