Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

HVA's Sustainers Society

Our monthly giving program provides a stable flow of support for our critical conservation work today and for future generations. 

Your commitment to provide a reliable source of support each month means that HVA and field staff can stay focused on watershed priorities. 

What’s more, the Sustainers Society also helps HVA save money by reducing fundraising expenses.

Three ways to join HVA's Sustainers Society

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Click the button to authorize a monthly withdrawal from your checking account. The Online Giving Form makes EFT's easy.

  2. Authorize your bank to send monthly payments to HVA using your on-line banking system.

  3. Credit Card Charge.

  • On Line: Click the button to authorize a monthly withdrawal from your Credit Card account.

  • By Phone: Call our Finance Director, Patience Lindholm,

  • By Mail: Fill out our Credit Card Authorization form and mail back to us.  We will post a monthly gift to HVA from your credit card account.

  • Determine the amount and method of your gift—and you can change your preference or stop at any time.

  • You will receive an annual statement acknowledging all of your monthly gifts for the year.

  • Your membership will automatically update each year, ensuring that you will continue to support watershed protection efforts.

  • By providing us with your email address, you will automatically receive our electronic newsletters and action alerts filled with information you care about.

  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is going where it is most needed, by the fastest, most cost-efficient means possible.

We hope you will join the Housatonic Valley Association’s Sustainer Society today! Download one of the forms above, complete and return it to Patience Lindholm, Housatonic Valley Association, 150 Kent Road, Cornwall, CT 06754.

Thank you for your on-going support!

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