Blue Heron Society

In 2007 HVA launched The Blue Heron Society -- a leadership recognition society -- to honor those who make leadership gifts of $5,000 or more to the annual giving campaign. This special group of donors provides critical financial support to protect and preserve land and water throughout the Housatonic River Valley.

Blue Heron Society members' increased support makes it possible for HVA to move forward with conservation efforts in our 83-town watershed. Society members provide education and assistance to those working for environmentally sound development practices. They allow our volunteers to organize river cleanups and stream monitoring programs.

Executive Director Lynn Werner says, "We are very thankful for this distinguished group. They provide funding for essential and important drinking water protection programs, opportunities for education and stewardship and a brighter future for our river valley."

2016 Members

President’s Circle

Linda Allard
Scott and Roxanne Bok
Joseph and Barbara Ellis
Louis and Elaine Hecht
Peter Kellogg
Roger and Fa Liddell
Anne H. Swift and Lee Lord
Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller
Eliot and Annick Wadsworth
Stephen M. Wolf
F. Anthony and Sally Auer Zunino



Blue Herons

Tucker and Karen Andersen
Scott W. Asen
Jack and Pam Baker
William and Marjorie Coleman
Robert Couturier and Jeffrey Morgan
Valerie Friedman and Frank Adams
Edward and Meg Hoffman
Barton and Debby Jones
Robert and Jane Keiter
Ezra and Reeva Mager
Kirsten Peckerman
Marguerite Purnell
Ronald and Michelle Saltz
Richard and Pamela Stebbins
Jean Vitalis